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ProEMR is a HIPAA compliant centralized Electronic Medical Repository.

ProEMR was developed to offer you a single go-to-location to store and share your health information. Instead of storing your data across various portals offered by your Doctor or Insurance company, you can keep them on a product like this one and never lose access to your information once you change your Doctor or Insurance company.

ProEMR offers you an option to keep history of all your medical information, like Immunization, Surgery, Allergy etc. In addition, it provides you capability to store all your documents - medical reports, health documents, etc. in a single location. The documents are also accessible to you using a mobile App (see link below.)

ProEMR has been designed to keep information for you as an individual. You will have to create separate account for each of your family member. You can use the same email and phone number to create other accounts - children in particular.

Download iOS app to manage your Documents and appointments with Doctor - eFind-A-Doc

Please refer ProEMR to your family and friends if you like our offering. Please write to us at info@youreapps.com if you have any suggestions for improvements. Thank you for your support.

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